Rapilose® OGTT Solution 300ml

Rapilose OGTT 300ml oral solution provides the equivalent of a standard 75g dose of anhydrous glucose and is a carbohydrate drink for the dietary management of disease-related malnutrition and malabsorption states or other conditions requiring intake of high or rapidly available carbohydrate supplements, as an energy source for patients with inadequate energy intake or increased energy needs.

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Product Description

Care has been taken to provide a pleasant tasting solution, which minimises and standardises the amount to be consumed by the patient. The ready-mixed pouch has a long shelf life, minimal packaging and easily transportable format. The pleasant orange flavour is easy-to-drink and suitable for paediatric applications and patients who struggle to consume carbonated beverages.

Rapilose OGTT is suitable for patients with renal insufficiency, liver cirrhosis, amino acid metabolism disorders and/or total protein intolerance or other conditions such as documented hypoglycaemia requiring a high energy, low fluid and electrolyte diet.  It is for use in patients requiring a fat-free and mineral-restricted diet.

Rapilose OGTT is also a suitable source of carbohydrates for a glucose intolerance test.  300ml of Rapilose solution provides the equivalent of a standard 75g dose of anhydrous glucose in compliance with WHO guidelines.

Ingredients: Water, glucose syrup, glucose monohydrate, orange flavour (contains natural sources), acidity regulator (citric acid), preservatives (potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate).

The Rapilose OGTT data sheet is available here.


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