About Us

Who We Are

Penlan Healthcare was founded by Steve Martin and Simon Raynor with a vision to supply value products to the NHS while seeking innovative ways to improve the healthcare professional or patient experience.

Steve Martin

Simon Raynor

Steve is a Member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and uses his background to look for areas where products can be developed that meet patient needs while being too small for established pharmaceutical companies to consider.

The first Penlan Healthcare product in 2008 was Rapilose® OGTT, the first ready- made drink providing 75g anhydrous glucose, meeting the specification for adult dose and volume as set by the World Health Organisation. Rapilose® OGTT is easy to administer and drink and can be used at point of care in GP practices, hospital departments, wards and laboratories.

What do we offer the NHS?

The mission remains the same – to innovate where possible to enhance the healthcare professional or patient experience while offering value to the NHS through low acquisition cost. The range of products at Penlan Healthcare has grown to cover 3 areas:




The Penlan Healthcare promise is to:

  • Generate substantial NHS savings

  • Provide quality copies of originator products

  • Ensure continuity of supply

  • Minimise packaging and waste
  • Maintain value in the long-term