Penlan Pharmaceuticals

Penlan Pharmaceuticals has been established by Penlan in the UK to provide medicines of the same high quality as leading brands but at a significantly reduced cost to the NHS. Penlan will work with NHS commissioners and payers to bring products that address areas of high cost and will do so on a regular basis, delivering ongoing cost savings.




The NHS England Business Plan 2015-2016

The Five Year Forward View set out how, in the absence of further annual efficiencies in the NHS, a combination of growing demand from an aging population, increases in the costs of running the NHS and constrained funding growth would produce a significant mismatch between resources available and what patients need.1

The Five Year Forward View shows that NHS England has £30 billion less money than it needs. This means the NHS has to save £22 billion over the next five years to make everything work out.2

Similar pressures on budgets exist in NHS Scotland4 and in Wales5 and Northern Ireland6.

Medicines use and procurement remains an area where productivity can be improved and there are many medicines management initiatives supported by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society3 that highlight how medicines can be used more efficiently. However it remains a fact that reducing the acquisition cost to the NHS CCGs and Health Boards across the nations will help to ease the pressure on budgets and make more money available for frontline care.